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Vitacilina Neomycin Sulfate Ointment is perhaps the most famous antibiotic in Mexico. It is first aid to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Vitacilina is indicated in the prophylaxis of superficial infections in minor abrasions, burns, and cuts. Not only that, but it is used in the treatment of minor bacterial skin infections and dermal ulcer.

Vitacilina has been used as acne treatment in Mexico for years, but its use is not specifically for acne and its effects may vary. We would recommend it to treat infections, dry irritated skin and itching, and for acne we recommend to use Sulfur Ointment instead.

Vitacilina - Neomycin Sulfate Ointment - Antibiotic - Alivio Vital - Mexican Products - Health Products - Mexican Medicine
Vitacilina – Neomycin Sulfate Ointment

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The world turs off the lights
This evening, Saturday March 27th from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time, thousands of cities in more than 120 countries will turn off their lights to show their solidarity around the climate crisis. We encourage you join the millions around the world and turn off your lights for this year’s Earth Hour.

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El mundo apaga la luz
Esta tarde, 27 de Marzo de las 8:30 a las 9:30 p.m. hora local, miles de ciudades en mas de 120 paises apagaran sus luces para mostrar su solidaridad en la crisis del clima. Le alentamos que se una con las millones de personas de todo el mundo y apague sus luces para la
Hora del Planeta.

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Lavender is native to the Mediterranean. Rejuvenating, calming and fragrant, lavender oil has been a prized essential oil for centuries. It has long been used as an ingredient in perfumes, soaps and cosmetics. Today, lavender is the most popular oil in aromatherapy and blends well with a variety of carrier oils. Our Lavender Oil is 100% pure and is steam distilled from the flowering tops of the Lavandula officinalis plants. Lavender Oil - Aceite de Lavanda - Alivio Vital - Mexican Products - Health Products - Mexican Medicine
Lavender Oil
Aceite de Lavanda

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Decolorized Iodine - Yodo Blanco - White Iodine - Alivio Vital - Health and Beauty - Mexican Products
Decolorized Iodine Nails
White Iodine
Yodo Blanco

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